frequently asked questions

How is this visit with LoveMed different from a regular visit?

LovMed provides the same level of professional care as a traditional doctor’s office, but more conveniently because we’re 100% online and you don’t have to wait days for an appointment.

Just like a traditional doctor’s office, our doctors and nurse practitioners need to ask you questions to work out whether it’s safe and appropriate to give you care. If appropriate, we can write a prescription and send it to our own mail order pharmacy or to a pharmacy near you.

Will I have a live video with a doctor or nurse practitioner?

It depends! Most of our patients won’t require one, but some states have regulations that require a video consultation or a telephone call.

Is this a safe way to get care?

It is, as long as you answer our questions fully and truthfully and you read the important information we provide throughout our app and website, especially the information we send you about your treatment plan. Before you take your medicine it’s essential that you read the detailed information we provide about your treatment plan so that you can weigh the risks and benefits of the medicine we’ve prescribed.

Is the service private/secure?

Yes. We have a legal duty to protect your personal health information and have put in place a number of safeguards.

Our Privacy Policy details how we protect your personal information.

What is ED?

You have ED if you can’t achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sex even though you’re sexually aroused. ED is not the same as premature ejaculation and ED is not the same as lacking sex drive, low desire to have sex, or low libido.

It’s very common and affects 10% of adult men and as many as 40% of men over 40. Some men experience ED from an early age. ED is sometimes called impotence.

Who can use the ED service?

You can use our service if you’re a man who’s 30 or older and younger than 73 years old. We can’t help men in MN, ND or SC as state law prohibits us from prescribing ED meds.

ED medicines are not recreational drugs and you should only request a prescription if you really do suffer from ED.

ED is not the same as premature ejaculation and ED medicines will not increase your sex drive or desire to have sex. ED medicines are not aphrodisiacs. ED medicines only help you get and sustain an erection if you’re sexually aroused.

Are the medicines you prescribe effective?

The medicines we prescribe work for the majority of men, but how a medicine works for you as an individual will depend upon the underlying cause of your ED and your body’s response to the medicine.

Each of these medicines work by making it easier for blood to flow through your penis.

We advise patients try taking an ED medicine at a particular dosage at least 3 times before deciding it doesn’t work.

If the medicine we prescribe doesn’t work you shouldn’t give up hope. Instead, message us to make sure you’re taking it correctly, and if you are taking correctly, ask our medical team about whether you should be on a different dose or on a different medicine.

Can a doctor or nurse practitioner diagnose ED remotely?

Yes. Medical guidelines are clear that a doctor or nurse practitioner can diagnose ED based on a patient self-reporting their symptoms. We diagnose ED in the same way that we would if we could meet you in person – we ask you questions to confirm that you have ED. We also ask you separate questions to help us understand the likely cause of your ED.

Just like we’d do if we saw you in person, we encourage you to let us order investigative tests to look for underlying health conditions that might be causing your ED. We know that not everyone can afford or wants these tests, so it’s optional whether you want us to order these tests for you. Asking us to order tests is not a requirement for obtaining treatment from us.